OCT 30, 2019 | 30/10/19 | 10:00 – 13:00

Serverless Workshop

NETGEV Dimona Commercial center 1, Dimona.


Get hands-on experience with Serverless Architecture and AWS Lambda. During this workshop you will deploy a serverless web application that enables users to request unicorn rides. The application includes an HTML based user interface, a backend with a RESTful web service to submit the request and dispatch a nearby unicorn. The application will also provide facilities for users to register with the service and log in before requesting rides.
The deployed application architecture uses AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Cognito. S3 hosts static web resources including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files which are loaded in the user's browser. JavaScript executed in the browser sends and receives data from a public backend API built using Lambda and API Gateway. Amazon Cognito provides user management and authentication functions to secure the backend API. Finally, DynamoDB provides a persistence layer where data can be stored by the API's Lambda function.

General instructions
This is a Hands on Workshop. There will be a 20 min explanation by the speaker, followed by hands on work of each participant.
The AWS team will be on site to help when needed.


You must bring your own laptop and charger. We will provide power outlets & Internet connectivity.

You must already own a private ACTIVE AWS account with Administrative permissions | Users attending this workshop should be familiar with basic concepts of AWS / CLI/ Basic Web Programming.


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