OCT 30, 2019 | 30/10/19 | 13:30 – 17:00


AI/ML Workshop

NETGEV Dimona Commercial center 1, Dimona.


The purposes of this workshop is to get you up to speed using Amazon SageMaker with built-in algorithms. We’ll use an example of customers churn prediction problem.

Amazon SageMaker offers a range of built-in, high performance machine learning algorithms. In the workshop we’ll use SageMaker’s XGBoost built-in algorithm.

During the workshop you’ll gain hands-on experience with pre-processing data using Python libraries, running SageMaker training jobs, setting hyper-parameters, deploying a production grade serving endpoint, and evaluating the resulting model quality.General instructions:

This is a Hands on Workshop. There will be a 20 min explanation by the speaker, followed by hands on work of each participant.

The AWS team will be on site to help when needed.


You must bring your own laptop and charger. We will provide power outlets & Internet connectivity. 

You must already own a private ACTIVE AWS account with Administrative permissions. 

Users attending this workshop should be familiar with basic concepts of Python knowledge and experience manipulating data, Familiarity with ML methodologies.


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